Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Game

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are the first 4th Generation Pokemon games, sucessors to Pokemon Ruby and Diamond.  Diamond & Pearl is schedulese to be released in Autumn of 2006 in Japan, although all other release dates are to be announcd.


Diamond and Pearl was officially announced on October 7, 2004.  They will feature compatibility with older versions of the RPGs including FR/LG and R/S/E.  Diamond and Pearl is set it a new land titled as Shinou.  There are no new types being debuted, but feature new type combinations including the Steel/Fighting type Lucario and the only pure Flying type Perap.  The Online Pokemon game will support up to 16 simontaneous players through the DS’s wifi connection.  Nintendo disclosed that Diamond and Pearl will have voice chat capabilities to communicate during battles as well as connectivity to Pokemon Battle Revolution.

A set of new moves and attacks will debut on Diamond and Pearl including Meteoric Storm, a very powerful Dragon type attack and Heart Swap  which swapsstat effects between all Pokemon in battle.  One new ability debuted in Diamond and Pearl includes Moist Body which cures all status effects of the Pokemon when Rain Dance is in effect.

Popular Strike Force Heroes Shooting Game

Strike force heroes game is developed by sky 9 Unblocked games 333 limited. This game company is headed by Justin Goncalves. Mike Sleeve and Addison Roomiest, the finest professional game developers developed this game. Strike force heroes is very popular among children as well as on adults. This is run on a field game. Players acts as soldiers. Players has their own choice of what they want to be. But remember that each soldier has its own abilities, own equipment, experience, and money.

strick force

You can select your soldier by select the soldier icon. Five different classes of soldiers is being displayed. Check the specifications of each soldier, choose, click done and start playing. Shopping option is also present where you select the other things you want by spending your coins, you win during game.

This game has three different levels. Campaign, challenges, and custom game. You select any of one and enjoy it. Each situation has different level.

Basically when we play a game we see that the game is revolving between soldiers and enemies who wants to destroy some regions of the country. A scientist who work on some dangerous chemical unintentionally it drops on an unknown soldier who after undergo some mental changes become their enemy and want to destroy everything. Scientist go to the elite strike force and explain all the thing and seek help to find the cure of this.Then this strike force team go to certain missions and start finding cure. But they fail as opposite team i.e. Globulex is so strong they also invade other regions. And do bomb blast in different regions to destroy cure. At the end a soldier alone do this job to save the world. At the end the soldier after so much effort is able to find the cure. He handle it to scientist and then the scientist rectify his mistake.

Person who play the game act as that soldier who is alone. Unlocked Games Weebly other levels by dealing withdifficulties set by the game owner. Once you complete the level you will automatically proceed to other level.

You can simply play this game by using WASD or arrow pointers. Space bar is used to jump. Use mouse pointer to attack. Following features are also available like reloading, streak and switching of gun by just pressing the right click.

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