Phone Alert service: a good tool to keep in touch

Many companies, institutions or even individuals face necessity to immediately inform their customers, workers or friends about upcoming event, significant changes or anything else. For example you want to inform your customers that the address of your company changed or inform about new services or just want to invite your friends to your birthday party.

If you have to inform five friends it is easy to call each of them but when it comes to over 100 people invited to a conference that becomes quite embarrassing. Emails or just usual letters are not good solutions. Letters are slow and who do really reads them nowadays? At the same time there still many guys who have no smartphones and check their mail box once a week.
The ideal solution could be a phone alert service. In brief such tools works in that way – you log in to your account, input contact numbers or just select them among contacts saved before and enter the message. The service will send it as SMSs to all of the selected numbers. Email2phone, one of such services providers, also supports groups. Another feature of this phone alert service is express method support. You can just send email or SMS to Email2phone from your phone and it will be instantly forwarded to a specific contacts group (each contacts group has own number). Of course that is much cheaper than buy bulk SMS package from most of providers.
Phone alert services are easy to use, affordable and don’t require any additional software. At the same time they provide very useful functionality that can help you to establish real-time interaction with your customers.

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